AHM Overview


ABSOLUTELY HALAL MALAYSIA 2019 (AHM 2019) is an annual 3-days consumer exhibition held in the heart of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. AHM 2019 is organise and managed by Idea Max Event (M) Sdn Bhd, it has been 8 years Idea Max first inception back in 2011 in organised and managed consumer exhibition through its successful exhibition Tastefully Food and Beverage Expo which have completed its 41th editions this year and more years to come. The organiser have strategise and well plan to ensure the success of the exhibition with strengthening a perfect alliances and strategic partners with Halal Industry Development Corporation (HDC), ARK Halal, Serunai Commerce, Global Halal Data Pool, Verify Halal, HELP College Arts and Technology and Big Onion Food Caterer Sdn Bhd are among the important lineup. AHM 2019 has a mixed of strength in buying demand which includes foreign buyer, local hypermarket, wholesaler, local distributors, trade agent and public consumers. AHM 2019 also aim to expand the capacity of organising the exhibition with a large scale in nearest future and with more impeccable programme beneficial to exhibitor and visitor.


Understand the intensity of Halal market and limited platform in the market. The organiser sees’ an opportunity to involved into Halal industry and provide an alternative platform to the industry players to meet and generate new business leads, opportunity to seek prospect buyer, brand positioning, brand exposure and presence in the market. Hence, this will allows more buying options, and escalate the revenue and positioning Malaysia at the top notch as buying and sourcing hub on Halal products and Non-Food Products.


The Halal export market valued has been rapidly growth with an estimation of RM50 Billion may reach the mark this year. Referred to a quote from Department of Islamic Development Malaysia or more commonly known as (JAKIM), products with Halal Certified are in high demand for Non-Muslim countries. Aligned with the National Halal Industry Master Plan 2018-2020, Malaysia will become the global leader in innovation and production in the Halal sector. Thus, Absolutely Halal Malaysia would be an excellent platform and an eye opener to all industry player to anticipate and showcase their products and services.