Why Exhibits


The exhibition is designed to focus the core objective and it is a perfect gateway to access the market demand. There are Eight (8) Main Reasons why you should exhibit and benefited from Absolutely Halal Malaysia;


  1. It is recommended as a great market platform to meet the buyers, industrial professionals and consumers estimated around 50,000 - 70,000 visitorships local and international throughout the event.
  2. Remarkable platform for products branding and branding awareness opportunity.
  3. Create and build an intensive network with Business to Consumer (B2C) and Business to Business (B2B) in the market.
  4. Leverage the fast growing in regional and global Halal markets, as Malaysia are known for its reputation as the leading and sourcing Halal products.
  5. A perfect platform to conduct feasibility and assessment on market response. Gather your market insights on new products development and technology.
  6. The Halal industry are increase significantly, participate to tap the opportunity and generate more sales leads and harvesting new sales prospect.
  7. The Halal industry rapidly growth in the global market with the export valued currently at RM20 billion this year and Halal export may hit RM50 billion mark by this year even with unfazed by the global trade slowdown.
  8. Be bold and be opportunist stand out among the crowd to strengthen and boost your market position.